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Increasing Accuracy In Assessment Of Potential In Organizations

Playitfair is an online platform and Virtual Game-based Research & Development (V-R&D) Center  for recruitment and for talents provisioning in organizations. Through the V-R&D-Center, companies can set-up, manage and evaluate games that simulates authentic situations in the workplace. It is possible to follow the players’ (candidates’ and employees’) performance and learning agility.

Virtual worlds can be entered in Virtual Reality and talents can take on challenges that are essential in their current or future roles. Typical skills are related to collaboration, management, diversity, change management, and innovation.

The V-R&D is a research center. Organizations can choose to feed in anonymized data generated from their usage of the games. Playitfair conducts research based on these data and feeds back to the client for benchmark, development and social responsibility. 


Attention in international media

In 2018, a full five minutes news coverage was dedicated to Playitfair on the BBC News Chanel.  They interviewed PhD Britta Nordin Forsberg, founder of Playitfair, about the business vision and also tested a prototype of the upcoming solution.

Playitfair TechTalk

Recently attention has been given to Playitfair through a TechTalk podcast broadcasted by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Click the microphone-picture above to listen to the podcast.

Company Vision



From now on knowledge-based organisations will be able to expand their FoU-department from only comprising their products and patents to also include the most important asset – people. The solution is named ”Playitfair” to stress the value of ”fair-play” – sustainability – and research-based content.

We improve the scientific quality of the content, we enhance learning and assure that the questions remain concrete and specific by data-driven development and evaluation. To exemplify the impact of the product, an insightful VR-experience about workplace discrimination may forward the often document-driven equality-process to a motivation-driven development.

Furthermore, the organisation may also measure the knowledge-development among staff and managers which also offers research-based tools to increase efficiency in issues related to staff, competence and culture.



By refining how you engage in work today. What do we mean by that?  We increase the scientific quality in the content, improve learning och assure that the questions proceed from vague and obligated plans to computer driven development. To exemplify, a deep VR-experience about work-related discrimination could initiate the equality-process to a more motivation-driven development. Moreover. the organisation will also be able to monitor the knowledge evolution among heads and staff alike. 



The main technology used to participate in our software simulation is through the use of a VR-Headset. You can either purchase your own or agree to a loan from Playitfair during the simulation-experience. The headset also includes a navigational control. 

Serious Gaming

In the beginning of the 21-century a movement was created with the goal to create interactive games which would train, educate and even persuade the participator. These kinds of games were labelled 'Serious Games'.  The combination of words may sound contradictory - the idea of seriousness and playfulness. However, the word "serious" is explained when you consider the purpose of the game. A serious game should be both entertaining and immersive but simultaneously have an underlying goal that the player can achieve.

The difference to how an ordinary game is created is that there are experts present during the development of the game who contribute to the serious part of the game. Who these experts are depends on the content and purpose of the game - for example , it could be a professional airplane pilot who acts as a consultant to a flight-simulation game. Yet, when in the process of making a serious game it still remains important to keep the classical features of a game to maintain the player's attention and commitment.  

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Britta Nordin Forsberg holds a doctors degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and M.Sc. on Technology in electonics and telecommunications. Her research is focusing on management as a practice and specifically on talent management and social sustainability in organizations. Britta have extensive experience of assessment and development of management,leadership and organizations in both private and public sector, including academia.


The idea connected to a V-R&D (Virtual Research Development Centre) grew from an ambition to access the research results of the original idea regarding the continuous talent-hunt in society. The opportunity to contribute to the incessant pursuit of new and identified talent in various companies in society is our method to add important building blocks to the realization of a more sustainable work-environment for both employers and employees alike. The main ideal behind our business model is to strive towards the ideal society where the identification and exchange of people's talents are optimized. 

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