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Increasing Accuracy In Assessment of Potential in Organizations

Playitfair is an online platform and Virtual Game-based Assessment and Research Center (VGARC) for recruitment and development of talents and organizations. Through the VGARC, companies can set up, manage and follow-up games that simulates authentic situations in the workplace. It is possible to follow the players’ (candidates’ and employees’) performance and learning agility.

Virtual worlds can be entered and explored from computers, tablets and smartphones, and talents can take on challenges that are essential in their current or future roles. Typical skills to be assessed and developed are diversity, change management, and innovation.

The VGARC is also a research center. Organizations can choose to feed in anonymized data generated from their usage of the games. Playitfair conducts research based on these data and feeds back to the client for benchmark, development and social responsibility. 

  Creating A catch on Talent

The content is based on management science.

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